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Shouldn’t your marketing solution come from a firm that can push your brand from every angle?

Your Brand is our Passion. Your Success is our Strategy.

Our integrated approach was born out of realization that, in order for brands to gain a competitive advantage they need to create cross-channel experiences for consumers.

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  • by Cristina Trecate

    April 21, 2015

    Can Searching for an Agency Job Be Like Searching for New Shoes?

    When I graduated from college, I began my job search for an agency where I could jumpstart my career. An overly simplified version of how this process turned out? It was like finding the perfect pair of shoes. It may seem silly to compare my job search to a pair of shoes, but here is […]

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  • by Heather Hewit

    April 16, 2015

    Agency Life: A Sneak Peek Inside the lotus823 Office

    Hello and welcome to the lotus823 headquarters. If you consider yourself a creative individual with a vivid imagination (as I do), you may find yourself pondering at times: I wonder what his/her life is like. I wonder what his/her office looks like. I wonder what his/her home looks like. Is it modern or traditional? Is […]

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  • by Katie Foley

    April 14, 2015

    A Reason To Celebrate: Tax Day Edition

    Marketers love to celebrate.  National hot dog day. The first day of summer. Bring your dog to work day. Anniversaries of all kinds. And of course, Tax Day. Good old April 15 is just as much a reason as any other to throw our hat in the ring and get some recognition for our brands. […]

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lotus823 is a New-Jersey-based Public Relations and Digital Marketing Agency that combines creative genius, smart thinking and analytical acumen to increase brand visibility both online and offline.