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CES Marketing

Innovation Under One Roof

Our seasoned CES marketers can provide your brand with a powerful blend of strategic marketing services for teams attending CTA’s annual CES Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Put The Spotlight On Your Brand

With more than four decades of success, CES reaches across global markets, connects the industry and enables CE innovations to grow and thrive.

Pre-Show Planning

CES is much more than setting up a tradeshow booth. Our team will work with you to develop an integrated strategy for maximum exposure. From development of press materials to building social media buzz, you’ll be prepped to make a big splash at the most important tech event of the year.

On-Site Support

At the show we will be releasing timely news about your brand and products/services, while offering on-site support for media appointments, and social media efforts. Our daily monitoring and reporting keeps your team up to date on how you’re performing at the show in real time.

Post-Show Deliverables

The last day in Las Vegas isn’t the end of CES for us. We will continue to develop key relationships with relevant media on behalf of your brand and present you with our final report and analysis of all CES marketing efforts.

“From coverage of our retail launch, to reviews, to CES coverage, lotus823 landed us everywhere we needed and wanted to be.”

Nick Warnock

President, Wellograph