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Hispanic Marketing

Time for a New Estrategia.

The United States is dynamic in its diversity. According to the U.S. Census there are 54 million Hispanics living in the U.S., representing approximately 17% of the total U.S. population. It’s time for brands to get serious about Hispanic Marketing.


We are the market. Our co-founder David Hernandez is Cuban-born and a proud Latino business owner living the American dream. lotus latino, our Hispanic marketing arm, was formed to deliver everything amazing about lotus823, “translate it”, and bring it to brands looking to target the booming U.S. Hispanic market. At lotus latino, we are ALWAYS in culture. We have the insights and experience necessary to fuel a successful integrated campaign that drives Hispanic consumers to purchase your products.


In order to connect with the largest and fastest growing U.S. consumer group, brands must develop better marketing tactics. Taking general market messaging and making it bilingual is not an option. lotus latino‘s integrated approach is the perfect solution to speak to Latinos. When it comes to social media, mobile, and e-commerce, Latinos lead in the adoption of new platforms and technology. lotus823 leverages these strengths to ensure that our clients are top of mind with Latinos…and mas importante…in their hearts.

Building Your Platform

lotus latino builds integrated marketing platforms that leverage music, sports and food. It’s an awesome equation. Experiential + PR + Digital + Social + National Latino media = the perfect package for multiple sponsors to work in harmony, create budget efficiencies, and align their brands with powerful cultural touch points. The results are many, but top of the list is uncompromised loyalty and the highest affinity to purchase your products. ¡Dale!

“We came to lotus823 thinking we just needed some social media help, but what we got was a strategic partner that catapulted our social efforts as well as launched our content marketing strategy”

Jeff Simcox

Executive Director of Marketing, Audio-Technica USA